Sonya Ramsey Modigital

Hello, I'm Sonya

I'm a "techno-savior" for solopreneur speakers and consultants who want to be smart and savvy with their online marketing so they can attract and retain the right clients for their business.

Through my informative classes, free workbooks and straightforward communication, I help non-techie speakers and consultants create their unique online marketing system, while making it feel like a puzzle that easily fits together.

  • WHO I AM

  • A certified professional in digital marketing, dedicated to helping speakers, consultants and solo entrepreneurs, stay connected and serve the audience they care about.


  • To provide easy to understand, organized and meaningful service so that speakers, consultants and solo entrepreneurs feel proud about how their business uses online marketing.


  • I create an organized game plan for independent business owners to get the word out about their business using digital marketing tools and strategies.

sonya in compuer

  • Trained and Certified

    I know how to make the latest online marketing tools and techniques work for you so you're not spending hours learning new software or writing online newsletters. My latest certifications are in e-newsletter, social media and google analytics.

  • Dedicated to Speakers, Consultants & Indie Entrepreneurs

    There are over 73 ways you can use digital marketing.  Not all need to are necessary for speakers and consultants. I focus on using specific methods and tools that help speakers and consultants connect with qualified, potential customers

  • Guaranteed and On Track

    Your project created and delivered using my proprietary system to keep it on track and on time.

  • Would you like to start a new project?

    Thinking about revamping your website or want to learn how digital marketing can save you time and increase your revenue?  Email me or schedule a FREE 30 minute call.