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Hello, I'm Sonya

If you're a professional speaker or consultant, seeking to help others with your expertise, then you're in the right place.

I help professional speakers and consultants get the word out to the right people about the products and services they offer. When working with me, you get a hassle free, high quality experience.  You know how you want your business to perform, and you know who you're serving and what they need.  You just need help with reaching them in the first place.

I can help.  Over the years I've developed (and constantly refined) powerful digital marketing systems that help you reach your audience. I can put together an easy to understand plan that covers all the important elements of promoting your business online.

With the right plan and the right skills, you can maximize your time, money and efforts to create an online presence your customers will trust. 

  • WHO I AM

  • An experienced professional in digital marketing, dedicated to helping speakers and consultants reach, stay connected and serve the audience they care about.


  • To provide meaningful and customized service so that speakers and consultants feel proud about marketing their business online.


  • I create innovative and powerful digital marketing systems that are particularly suited for the independent business owners who are speakers and consultants.

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  • Trained and Certified

    I know how to implement the latest tools and techniques that are best for speakers and consultants to engage in digital marketing. My latest certifications are in e-newsletter, social media and google analytics.

  • Dedicated to Speakers & Consultants

    There are over 73 ways to implement digital marketing.  Not all need to are necessary for speakers and consultants. I focus on using specific methods and tools that help speakers and consultants connect with qualified, potential customers

  • Award Winning Team Support

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  • Would you like to start a new project?

    Thinking about revamping your website or want to learn how digital marketing can save you time and increase your revenue?  Email me or schedule a FREE 30 minute call.