We demystify digital marketing with a systematic process.  You see your results and never
in the dark on how your marketing dollars are spent.

I have many years experience in working with experienced executives and mature business owners, who want a hassle free, high quality experience.  You know what you want to get out of your business, and you have an understanding of your niche, products and services.  You are familiar with your target audience and what they want, as well as how they want people to speak to them.  All you need is help with reaching them in the first place.

That is what I can help you with.  Over the years I have developed (and constantly refined) a system for competitor analysis that will help you to identify your competitors and the techniques that they are using.  You can then throw out what does not work, and improve what does, to put together your own sophisticated marketing plan.

With the right plan and the right skills, you can maximize your advertising dollars and you can build a clean and sophisticated website that your customers will trust.

Every target audience has different preferences.  What works for young professionals may not be something that people who are older would identify with.

I have an understanding of the reach of social media, and the way that each age group engages with different people and on different platforms. You can use this to improve the performance of your social media campaigns.

Whether you are looking to make a mobile-friendly website, reach more people through email marketing and social media, run an SMS marketing campaign, or just get a full SEO Audit, I can help you.

If you're just getting started with your web journey, please don't hesitate to give me a call.  I would be eager to get to know your business and your taret audience, and work with you to improve your online efforts.

Sonya Ramsey
Managing Director

Sonya Ramsey is a Ohio based website developer and digital marketing consultant who helps business consultants, speakers, trainers and authors market themselves online in an organized and effective manner.