Content is Your 24/7 Sales Team & 5 Things to Fix on Your Website

Hello! I’m Sonya, Digital Marketer Companion for Moonlighting Professionals.

Right now, your mind could be going a mile a minute.   You've researched information and talked to fellow business professionals and your head is spinning with ideas on how to promote your business online.  The terms, websites, social media, online newsletters, and SEO are giving you that anxiousness feeling.  You know you should be doing these activities, but you're not sure how.

Additionally, you're confused about the competing advice you get from well-meaning friends, family and fellow business owners.

Sometimes you want to give up on pursuing your dream business because you can’t get a grip on this online marketing stuff.​

Don't give into those thoughts.  I can help.

I'm your Digital Marketing Companion.   A term I created to say, I help sift through and organize all methods to promote your business online. I give your brain the space it needs to focus on your business while working your day job. Your days are already full, so I've crafted a system that focuses you on the necessary activities to promote your business online, then we put it on autopilot.

Your marketing activities work while you're on your day job and while you sleep.

When you work with me, your moonlighting time is productive.

  • Productive because you won’t be spending hours on a do it yourself website software.
  • Productive because you no longer collecting business cards with no plan on what to do with them, allowing new leads don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Productive because you’ll spend more time focusing on and refining the products or services you provide and you’ll love delivering a quality product.

You might even be able to skip some networking events because you’ll know if it’s the right activity for your business.

​I know you need to build your business effectively while working full-time. You want to get results from online marketing and see your business ideas blossom.

​I have many years of experience in working with experienced executives and business owners, who want a hassle free, high quality experience. My specialty is in Digital Marketing and I have top notch training from leading marketing experts:

When I’m not streamlining new marketing systems or evaluating the newest digital marketing trend, you can find me on Facebook.