• Set yourself apart.
  • Build credibility.
  • Grow your business.

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I bet this is a typical week for you...

  • You're meeting with a potential client and as you explain your services, you notice a "GLAZED OVER" look in their eyes.

  • You avoid networking events because your website "NEEDS WORK".

  • A fellow business owner says you need a LEAD MAGNET. You don't know what that is and where to get one.

  • You don't have a system to FOLLOW-UP with people who you think are perfect clients.

Am I right? If so, then you're in the right place.


  • Use my (FREE) guide to improve your website, increase your credibility and show off your skills.  It's a surefire way to impress potential clients, event planners or organizations seeking your consulting or speaking skills.


  • I don't know how nor do I want to learn how to make changes to my website.

  • Making edits to my website is not a priority. I need to make sales!

  • My website looks like crap - it needs more than updates. It needs a makeover!

  • This should be a priority. Maybe I can hand it off to my assistant?

I get it. But, you need transformation not stagnation. We CAN do this!

Your business confidence soars because...

  • You're getting more QUALIFIED LEADS from your website.

  • You're EAGER to send in proposals to speak at events you previously thought were out of reach.

  • Your CREDIBILITY SKYROCKETS because your website has exactly what event planners and potential clients are looking for.

  • You're PROUD to share your website address with potential clients, influencers and peers.

You CAN have a successful, client attracting online presence.

In this course, you will learn...

  • How to immediately capture  your website visitor's attention and make a lasting connection.

  • How to quickly build credibility.

  • How expressing your emotions leads to genuine connections and a straighter path to profits.

  • ONE strategic way to ask for and use testimonials.

  • Powerful, free and easy ways to show off your skills.

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During the early stages of my business, I was eager to transform my corporate marketing experience into a client attracting, web marketing business. Through networking and word of mouth, I secured clients such as musicians, churches and pest control companies.

An eclectic mix and as you would expect, success looked different to each client.

It translated into a varied approach to creating and managing their online presence. Not an effective way to get positive results. Especially for a new solopreneur like me.

As I assessed my business I discovered three important requirements needed to reach the right type of customer:

1. Self-awareness - What made me uniquely able to solve problems.
2. Ideal Client - The best type of client whose problem I could solve.
3. Deliverability - My ability to consistently provide quality information and services.

Once I honed in on these requirements, I was able to create processes and services that consistently brought about positive and profitable results to a specific type of client. I was able to network with intention.  Prospective clients were able to immediately understand that I could solve their most nagging problem.

I transformed my business from a hit or miss approach to using methods that worked fantastically for all of my clients, without pulling my hair out because I was serving different types of people.

I want the same for you. I want to show you how to assess what you bring to the table and how it can serve your best type of client. I'll also show you how to create website content that appeals to your target client. The result is a more FOCUSED and PRODUCTIVE way to manage your online presence.



I'm loving this, but why is it free? What's your motive?

My motive is simple.  To share what I learned because because I experienced difficulties with my website.

Potential clients would land on my page, but quickly leave because there was no compelling reason for them to stick around.

I don't want that for you. I love sharing my knowledge so that others can improve their businesses and their lives.

How is this different from other Web Marketing info I see out there?

My FREE course is designed for Speakers and Consultants. I've rescourced and chosen content that will benefit your type of work. No need to adapt the lessons to fit your type of business. It was a joy to create and I'm sure YOU will enjoy it!

Can you tell me a bit about you?

Absolutely! I'm Sonya Ramsey and I provide digital marketing services for  Independent Speakers and Consultants to help them create an effective and productive online presence so they can get more speaking and consulting gigs.

Building a solid online presence, is the cornerstone of having a booked out business.

Ready to be PROUD of your website?

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I chose Modigitale to create my website due to Sonya's superb attention to details. She learned about my business and knew which platform was appropriate for building my website. Her knowledge for web design is invaluable and creativity for the layout has made the site user friendly that  attract my ideal clients.

Pringle Business Consultants


A year ago, Sonya Ramsey designed and set up a website for promoting the sales of my original art notecards (Notecards a la Joy*).  My notecards sell readily on the website that Sonya constructed.  I can easily enter competitive events simply providing the websites so that arts festival judges can easily see dozens of examples of my work.“

joy with mona